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Shafts, Gears ,Fasteners, Rubber Sealing, Engineering Services

Shaft Manufacture

Welleshaft have more than 12 years of experience as shaft manufacturers. We provide a variety of custom shaft manufacturing types, including:Gear Shaft, Motor Shaft , Spindle Shaft, Spline Shaft, Hollow Shaft, Pin Shaft, Micro Shaft and others.
Whether you have a complete product design in mind or you need help with the process, Welleshaft’s Engineering team is ready to review your machined shaft drawings for production capabilities in the thousands to millions.

Rod/Pole Manufacture

welleshaft are able to manufacture complete piston rods, light tubes and other rods to customer's drawings or samples.

Our combination of machining, grinding, hard chrome plating and polishing equipment allow us to keep our processes 'in-house'. Having such control over all aspects of our piston rod production means increased quality control and reduces lead times.

Nozzle/Valve Manufacture

Find the perfect valve for your industrial application and project.  welleshaft's  valves are industrial grade, high quality and perform well under any conditions.   The valves we manufacture are available in various materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel,  brass  and various other materials .  Welleshaft has the fastest turn around time in the industry.


Our company has "Precision extrusion" core technology, mainly used for forming the Cups, hollow parts, rectangular splines, involute splines, asymmetric shaft and disk, gears and other parts. The technology has been widely used in the car hydraulic steering and electric steering, brake systems, automotive gear boxes and other products .
Put the material (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals) into the mold cavity at normal temperature under a certain pressure, the material into the desired shape, size, precision parts. "Precision extrusion" can replace machining to produce machining can not be completed products.