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Established in 2018, Headquartered in Jinan, with strategic offices across China, we’re committed to delivering excellence worldwide.Since 1996, we’ve evolved from CNC turning to a comprehensive suite of manufacturing services, including Metal injection molding&Powder Metallurgy, Gear Hobbing, Hard Turning, CNC machining, Rubber&Plastic molding, Die and Mold Casting, Metal Forging and MicroMachining,Finishing and Assembly.

With over 20 years of experience, we partner with 200+ trusted manufacturers, offering expertise in 70+ processes. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified partners ensure quality. From CNC turning to precision Laser micromachining, we provide custom solutions. Since 2016, our localized supply chain spans 23 provinces in China. In 2024, we aim to match global clients with competitive pricing, offering comprehensive manufacturing solutions, catering to automotive, optical, medical, agricultural, aerospace, off-highway and construction industries.

Product Categories

Technical Services

Cold Heading|Cold Extrusion

Cold forming/cold extrusion is a metal shaping process used in industries such as automotive and construction to create complex, high-precision components efficiently.

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Metal Casting|Die Casting

Metal casting involves pouring molten metal into a mold to create a desired shape, whereas die casting employs high-pressure to inject molten metal into a mold cavity.

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Steel Forging|Aluminum Forging

Steel forging produces durable components for heavy-duty applications, while aluminum forging creates lightweight yet strong parts for aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods industries.

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Photonics Packagings|Optical Communication Components

Photonics packaging involves the assembly and protection of optical components, while optical communication components facilitate the transmission of data through light signals in telecommunications networks.

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Threaded Rod|Screw compression|Roller

Shaft, Threaded rod, screw compression, screw extruder, and roller are mechanical components used in various industries for tasks such as fastening, material compaction, extrusion, and material shaping, mechanical transmission.

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Laser Micromachining|Laser Micro Drilling

Laser micromachining enables precise material processing at a micro-scale level, while laser micro drilling creates small, precise holes in various materials for applications in electronics, medical devices, and aerospace industries.

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Modified Gears|Custom Gears

Modified and custom gears are specifically designed and fabricated gear components to meet specific requirements, providing tailored solutions for various industrial needs.

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Metal Injection Molding|Powder Metallurgy

Metal Injection Molding(MIM) uses a mixture of metal powder and a binder to create complex shapes, while Powder Metallurgy(PM) compacts metal powders directly without the use of a binder, often for simpler shapes.

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Plastic Molding|Rubber Seals

Plastic molding transforms plastic materials for diverse product applications, while rubber seals provide sealing solutions in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and construction.

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Value-added Services

WELLE, As your trusted partner for custom machining solutions. From advanced engineering techniques to precise heat treatment, surface finishing, material selection, and rigorous quality testing, we offer comprehensive customization options. Experience excellence in every aspect of manufacturing with our tailored solutions. Here are your custom selections:

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Solutions for Your Dynamic Parts OutSourcing

At WELLE, we prioritize efficiency and quality in our manufacturing process. Here’s how we ensure top-notch service:
1.Lead Time Management: Our sampling typically takes 2-4 weeks, with tooling development requiring 1-2 months if necessary.
2.Quality Assurance: Our own quality engineers collaborate with factories on-site to guarantee product excellence throughout production.
3.Comprehensive Quality Control: We utilize various testing equipment, including Non-destructive Testing, Hardness, Material, Roughness, and CMM Dimensions Testing, to maintain stringent quality standards.
4.Timely Delivery: We closely monitor delivery deadlines and provide timely logistics updates to ensure on-time delivery.
5.Efficient Aftersales Support: Our overseas representatives offer face-to-face communication with customers, addressing concerns and resolving issues promptly.
Experience superior manufacturing solutions with Welle. Contact us today for your customized needs.

Quality Assurance in Offshore Manufacturing with Welleshaft

Welle offers comprehensive sourcing and inspection services, managing every aspect of the sourcing cycle for your company. Our services include:
Project Preparation: We review project drawings, anticipate production questions, and identify necessary manufacturing processes to prevent errors.
Factory Selection: We match your project with the best factory, conducting audits and reviewing quality certifications to ensure compliance with your requirements.
Price Negotiation: We negotiate the best price and commercial terms with qualified factories based on thorough cost analysis.
Tooling Monitoring: Our engineers oversee the tooling process, ensuring timely progress and adherence to agreed-upon schedules.
Inspection Services: We provide thorough inspection during tooling and production, independently verifying factory measurements and claims.
Production Management: We manage production scheduling to ensure on-time shipments and conduct independent inspections during the first production run.
Packaging and Logistics: We pay strict attention to packaging specifications and arrange for shipping and logistics to minimize costs.
Corrective Actions: In case of defective parts, we promptly form a Corrective Action Team to address issues and prevent disruptions to your production line.
Contact us for a quote to facilitate your parts production or provide product inspections.

Advantages of Outsource Manufacturing with Welleshaft

Our first step is to take you through a comprehensive intake process and feasibility review to evaluate your drawings and the scope of your project. Once Welle decides to take on a project, we launch a full technical review to go over all of your specifications, requirements, and tolerances. This ensures precise material selection and process optimization for your exact requirements.
  • Quality Control: We ensure top-quality products by meticulously vetting factories, communicating your needs clearly, supervising production onsite, enforcing compliance standards, and promptly addressing any issues;
  • Cost Reduction: Welle offers a systematic cost reduction process, leveraging expertise in material selection, process optimization, and efficient sourcing to provide high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring client success in a secure business environment;
  • Consulting and Inspection: Welle offers comprehensive sourcing cycle management, including factory selection, price negotiation, tooling monitoring, inspection services, production management, packaging, shipping logistics, and corrective action facilitation, ensuring seamless project execution and high-quality outcomes;
  • Risk Reduction: Welle reduces offshore production risks through comprehensive product analysis, factory audits, meticulous tooling monitoring, transparent production processes, and client-involved factory visits;

Don’t hesitate to contact us today — let’s work together towards achieving your cost reduction goals!

Industries Serviced: Manufacturing & Mechanical Outsourcing

As a manufacturer specializing in custom industrial components, our expertise spans various processes including casting, forging, machining, metal injection molding, and more. Across industries such as new energy vehicles, agricultural machinery, road construction equipment, medical devices, opticals, telecommunications, and robotics, our precision-engineered parts play a vital role in enhancing performance, reliability, and innovation.

Why Choose Us As Your Contract Manufacturing Partner

From prompt quotations to competitive pricing, advanced technology to reliable transportation, and stringent quality control to efficient supply chain management, we offer a comprehensive solution to meet your manufacturing needs seamlessly.

Manufacturing Workshop

Client’s Feedback


We are very grateful for the high-quality gear components provided by your company. The products are reliable in quality and delivered on time, which has greatly assisted our production.

Glen Walton / Head of Development

We have been cooperating with welle for a long time and have always been very satisfied. Your technical team can promptly solve various technical issues we encounter, which is trustworthy.

Stefania Fanti / Global Senior Buyer-Motion & Robotics

We have been cooperating with Welle for many years because you always ensure product quality and on-time delivery. We are very satisfied with everything during the cooperation.

Peter M. Browning / Project Manager

Anyway you do costing far better than me and i trust on you.Rocky,,,,,very nice work.That is coming from everyone that has been your parts.

Mauro Nicoli / Global Commodity Buyer

Global Offshore Manufacturing Solutions in China

Global Reach: With our extensive network and global presence, we bridge businesses across continents, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration.

Customized Solutions: We tailor our manufacturing services to meet the unique needs of each client, fostering strong and mutually beneficial partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

Cultural Understanding: Our team’s diverse cultural backgrounds enable us to navigate international markets effectively, fostering strong relationships with clients and partners worldwide.
Multilingual Support: We offer multilingual support to cater to the needs of our international clients, ensuring clear communication and understanding at every stage of the manufacturing process.
International Quality Standards: By adhering to international quality standards and certifications, we instill trust and confidence in our partners, establishing a solid foundation for long-term business relationships.
Flexible Production Capabilities: Our flexible production capabilities enable us to adapt to varying market demands and partner requirements, strengthening our position as a reliable partner for global businesses.
Logistical Expertise: Leveraging our logistical expertise, we streamline the shipping and delivery process, ensuring timely and cost-effective transportation of goods to businesses around the globe.
Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation, constantly seeking ways to enhance our services and add value to our global partnerships, driving mutual growth and success.

Industry Partners

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Manufacturing Services FAQs

Our company implements a rigorous production monitoring and management system. From raw material procurement to production processing and final product inspection, every step is strictly controlled to ensure product quality and on-time delivery.

Product Analysis
Welle has an organized, systematic process that we have developed over the last 15 years. When we receive your RFQ, our engineers carefully evaluate your project and develop a strategy to get you the best quality at the lowest cost. Our through review of each part increases our success rate, results in an excellent understanding of your product, and minimizes the risk to your company. Our full technical review includes a feasibility study, material and standards evaluation, and our recommendations for cost savings.
Factory Audit and Selection
Our experienced auditing teams and subcontractor selection teams work within the factories and at subcontractors to assure that our quality control standards are met.
Once you decide to move forward, Welle holds an APQP meeting to review all project drawings and critical dimensions. We cover timelines, packaging, and any inventory requirements. The factory’s engineers meet to review drawings and critical dimensions, re-evaluate quality systems, confirm PPAP levels, process capabilities, and communicate your specific requirements.
We provide you with digital photos of tooling progress and frequent status reports. There are also opportunities for you to have video conferences with any of team members.
While not required, there is an open invitation for your team to visit the factories at any time during tooling and production.

WELLE has passed ISO9001:2015,To ensure quality, most of our manufacturers are required to pass international quality certifications such as ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, etc. and the quality of products is guaranteed to meet customer requirements.

General Machining Tolerances on metal to +/- 0.005″ (+/- 0.127 mm) following ISO 2768 unless otherwise specified. Plastics and composites will be +/- 0.010”(+/- 0.254 mm).

Welle offers a precise match between customer specifications and supplier capacity with a tolerance level of up to 2 microns(±0.002mm).

For the 3D drawing, we would prefer STEP, IGES, or X_T format. For the 2D drawing, we would prefer PDF format there are tolerances with the dimensions if possible.

WELLE accepts payment in two ways: 1. Bank to bank wire transfer 2. PayPal

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