Welleshaft Mission Statement

Most of our customers are one of the industry leaders in various fields, and their performance in product procurement, global procurement and manufacturing services, customer care, after-sales and logistics has certain requirements for suppliers.

After decades of accumulation, our customers have penetrated into various fields such as Vehicle Steering Systems, HVAC Systems, Seat Systems, Door Hinge Systems, Railway Interior Systems, Agricultural Harvest Machinery, Motors and Reducers, Optical Equipment, Mechanical Transmission, Construction engineering, Food Machinery, Logistics and Transportation Tools. Since 2020, our Shaft and Gear components have been applied in new energy, solar photovoltaic and Artificial intelligence fields.

With the development of our business, we have won the trust and recognition of numerous customers in the fields of Shafts, Gears, Flanges, Fasteners, Seals, Gaskets and High precision 5-axis Machining products. Therefore, we have the opportunity to provide more competitive services to our Long-term strategic cooperation customers. We have also established stable supplier channels for Investment casting, Light metal low-pressure/high-pressure Die Casting, Plastic Injection molding, Rubber Vulcanization Molding, Metal Injection Molding (MIM/PM) processes.

Currently, We are preparing to build a warehouse management system to provide more high value-added services to our strategic partners.

Therefore, our mission has become increasingly clear.

… By embedding our professional knowledge into the products and services we sell, we can solve customer problems

With Outstanding technical capabilities, Localized high-quality supply chain resources, Strong professional ethics, and a culture of encouraging teamwork, continuous improvement, and elimination of waste, our mission is to become an industry leader in automotive component and system design and manufacturing for global original equipment manufacturers.