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Under the Covid-9 affects, How to make our products more popular?

Serve to Overseas market customer is our initial market position,Based on our technological and service advantage in the processing of precision turning, investment casting, High pressure die castings,Metal sintering(PM) and Metal injection molding(MIM).we specialized in providing the complex,Non-ferrous metals,ferrous metals materials components,to automotive, agricultural machinery, medical, door and window construction hardware, and military industries.

Since Sept.2020, our company has successively received project development invitations from 3 new customer, they are from Italy, Germany and Canada. Including a project that we have finished initial samples in 10 days,which is expected to achieve a batch before the end of December.2020, annual demand of 1 million. But in order to meet the customer’s quality technology and cost reduction plan requirement, we take7 times telephone conferences communication and e-mail communication countless times in one week.

Precision Machining as one of our company’s most important Business, aimed to find the most competitive processing solutions and cost reduction solutions for customers, we have to visit not less than 20 peer companies to make technical processing communication per year. In addition, we really enjoy the process of continuous communication with customers and solving problems.

Looking forward to your inquiry, if you have any projects for precision machining or other complex parts, please send an email to, thank you.


Manufacturing process| Competitive Edge-Precision Shaft

With the world-renowned enterprises from different industries all over the world settled in China, and as one of the largest countries of manufacturing and exporting OEM shaft components in worldwide.
Since 2001, our team has been engaged in developing the market for OEM shaft parts and components. The products mainly include precision micro-shaft, motor shaft, gear shaft, spline shaft, screw Shaft, hollow shaft, Drive shaft,transmission shaft and so on.
At present, Products mainly are used in Automotive, Home appliances, Office automation, Mechanical instrumentation, Agricultural machinery, mining engineering machinery, textile machinery, Motor and other precision industries. The total production of shaft is more than 50 million pcs each year. Our products mostly are directly or indirectly exported to the Americas, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries, and become well-known international companies,long-term partners.
Company Advantage
1. We will work hard to realize the synchronization with the purchaser’s quality control implementation standards, from the inspection methods, inspection process and inspection standards;

2 We will visit factory and check the sample irregular, and timely feedback to you the existing problems;

3. As products quality continues to upgrading and requirements of cost-intensive continue to grow, we will work with you to achieve by optimize the processing technology, reduce loss, increase productivity.

4. Our Factory will be based in China for the global layout, so that your procurement more efficient and convenient.