Automative Precision Valve

Adapter valve

We specialize in manufacturing a wide range of customize hydraulic adapters as per the specifications of our clients and international quality standards, like adapter valves, hydraulic adapters, Nozzles,joints, adapter joints, adapter connector, etc.these hydraulic adapters have strict dimension tolerance, fine finishes.
Selecting the joint-body and sealing material according to fluid type and use environment.
 The fluid is compressed air: the joint body material always selected from carbon steel plating with chrome or nickel, and the brass plating with the passivation or nickel;
The fluid is steam: the joint material is stainless steel, and the brass plating with passivation or nickel; the sealing material is silicone or fluorine rubber.
The fluid is oxygen or gas: the joint material is brass chrome plated + carbon steel chrome plated.
So please choose right materials for your joint and seal body, it’s critical to the hydraulic adapters.


Carburetor Nozzles

WELLESHAFT mainly develop the nozzles of automotive, agricultural and industrial.include Carburetor nozzle, Water nozzles and gas nozzles, High and medium pressure nozzles, Brass and Stainless steel spray nozzles, Fuel nozzles, Fog nozzles, and copper nozzles, Industrial nozzles.
The factors that select nozzles include flow, pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact force, temperature, material, and application. These factors are often interrelated and mutually restrictive. Flow and pressure, spray angle and coverage are all proportional. The purpose of any nozzle is to maintain continuous contact between the bath and the workpiece. This factor is more important than pressure. The temperature of the liquid does not affect the spray performance of the nozzle, but it affects the viscosity and specific gravity and also affects the choice of material. The material of the nozzle should also be determined according to the chemical characteristics of the bath. For non-corrosive baths, bronze casting or plastic die-casting can be used depending on the ease of processing. In order to prevent corrosion, non-metallic materials can be used; for nylon, hydrochloric acid, and other strong corrosion baths, nylon plastics can be used; nozzle materials used for phosphating baths are generally made of acid-resistant stainless steel; stainless steel can also be used to prevent corrosion of the nozzles. Made of nylon material.
For nozzles with a certain impact force, small angle nozzles should be used, and liquid column flow (ie jet) is the best; fan nozzles are suitable for cleaning, degreasing, cooling, etc. Conical nozzles are suitable for floating, surface, phosphating, humidifying, dust and other aspects; in the storage tank, tank should be installed Venturi stirring nozzle, “H” type that is stirred nozzle (also known as Venturi nozzle) as an example, the tank fluid is drawn through a certain pressure and the induction port The liquid is mixed and sprayed at a flow rate of 1:4 to achieve the effect of solute mixing without air mixing, thereby preventing precipitation because the agitation ensures uniform mixing of the chemical solution.

Diverter valve

The diverter valve, also known as speed synchronization valve, is a general term for hydraulic valve diverter valve, manifold valve, one-way diverter valve, one-way collector valve and proportional diverter valve. Synchronous valve is mainly used in double cylinder and multi-cylinder synchronous control hydraulic pressure System. WELLESHAFT have many methods for realizing synchronous motion, but the synchronous control hydraulic system using a shunt-collector valve-synchronization valve has many advantages such as simple structure, low cost, easy manufacturing, and strong reliability, so the synchronous valve has wide range of application in the hydraulic system. The synchronization of the split flow valve is synchronous with the speed. When the two cylinders or multiple cylinders are under different loads, the diverter valve can still ensure its synchronous movement.

Micro Pressure valves

WELLESHAFT find the four inevitable trends in the development of instrument tube valve parts( such as Micro Pressure Valve, adapter valves) are as follows:
1. Miniaturization, with the continuous development of micro-electro-mechanical technology, technology continues to mature, the price continues to decline, its application areas will continue to increase, so miniaturization is one of the future trends in instrumentation. Micro-instruments will not only have the functions of traditional instruments and meters, but also play a unique role in the fields of automation technology, aerospace, military, biotechnology, and medical care.
Instrument tube valve
2. Multi-functional, future instrumentation will be more versatile. This versatile integrated product not only offers higher performance (eg, accuracy) than dedicated pulse generators and frequency synthesizers but also provides a better solution for various test functions.
3. Intelligent, artificial intelligence is a new field of computer applications, the use of computer simulation of human intelligence. In the future, instrumentation will be further developed and will contain a certain amount of artificial intelligence, that is, to replace part of the human brain work, thus having a certain ability in the visual, auditory, and thinking aspects. The application of artificial intelligence in modern instrumentation makes it possible not only to solve a class of problems that traditional methods cannot solve but also solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional methods.
4. Network, with the rapid development of network technology, internet technology is gradually infiltrated into the field of industrial control and intelligent instrumentation system design, the future instrumentation industry will be integrated isp and emit technology to achieve its network. The concept of networked instrumentation is a breakthrough in the concept of traditional measuring instruments. The network is the concept of the instrument, and the network development trend of the instrument is exactly outlined.
Our arms are to ensure that our product is beneficial for our clients quality and design specification, also in terms of its cost as well.

Micro valve

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Quick Coupling valve

WELLESHAFT is mainly engaged in the developing pump and valve safety quick connection fittings and coupling used in the fields of liquids, gases, hydraulics, and power areas, and is mainly based on non-standard customized quick connectors and coupling. The throttle valve is often used in different working environments come with other valves, for its simple structure and the wide range of applications.
The throttle valve is referred to regulates and controls the size of the valves opening, and directly restrict the flow of fluid.
The throttle check valve is referred to controls fluid flow by changing the throttle section or throttle length.
Paralleling the throttle valve and the check valve can be combined into a one-way throttle valve.
Throttle valves and one-way throttles are simple flow control valves.
In the quantitative pump hydraulic system, the throttling valve and the relief valve cooperate to form three kinds of throttling speed regulating systems, namely the oil inlet throttling speed regulating system, the oil return throttling speed regulating system and the bypass throttling regulation Speed system.
The speed control valve is a pressure compensated throttle valve. It has a fixed pressure relief valve and a throttle valve in series.

Tube fittings

WELLESHAFT specializes in the production of pipe joints, fuel pump nozzle, hose spray nozzles, long nipple, quick connects and other pipe and tube fitting components. The products are widely used in natural gas, petroleum, chemical, medical, power, solar photovoltaic, various types of equipment experiments Room, Institute, biomedical standards testing and other high-tech testing and other high-tech fields.
Our teams focus on the product quality and adopt Swiss Company panoramic TORNOS, Japan LGMAZAK machine tool, Japan Mitutoyo roughness instrument, the British X-MET5000 spectrometer, video apparatus. Vickers, Rockwell hardness tester and other world-class advanced testing and processing equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced pressure measuring equipment, computer control of the entire process of pressure test.