Screw Shaft

Keyed Shafts

The key shaft is a kind of mechanical transmission. it’s similar to the peace key, semicircle key, and oblique key, they all transmit mechanical torque. There are longitudinal keyways on the shaft surface, and the rotating parts on the shaft also have corresponding keyways. The axis rotates synchronously. While rotating, some can also make longitudinal sliding on the shaft, such as transmission shift gears.
The character of the keyed shaft including Groove, outer splines, Screw and Hollow, we can manufacture by threading, Automated CNC machining, and others procedures.

Motor Worm Shafts

As worm shaft suppliers, WELLESHAFT can produce Precision Motor worm shafts and other customed industrial worm shaft by milling and rolling, and worm gearbox hollow shaft by CNC machining.with a diameter of 5 to 100mm,and a length of 50 to 400 mm process.The Tolerance of worn shaft is around ±0.005 mm, and the three needle detection is around ±0.05 mm.

Round Gear Rack

The Gear rack is a bar part that matches the gear.And the round gear rack, stainless steel motor worm rack is one types of it.
It is equal to a section of the periphery of a gear with infinite diameter. At the same time, many teeth are evenly distributed, meshing with the gears, turning the rotation into motion, or turning the motion into rotation.
The rack is long and has teeth on one side, which can be considered as a section of a gear with infinite diameter.

Screw Shaft

The thread forming process refers to the method of forming a thread on a workpiece using a forming tool or a grinding tool, mainly including turning, milling, tapping, threading, grinding, grinding, and cyclone cutting.which commonly used in the Screw shaft, Worm Shaft, Long worm gear shaft, Thread shaft in the industry.
According to the different thread structure, it can be divided into an ordinary thread, pipe thread, trapezoidal thread, zigzag thread and rectangular thread.
In WELLESHAFT, Being a shaft manufacturer to Automotive and industrial companies, with some sort of material types and technology processer, to achieve the most challenging project requirements. Our Engineering team can customize your ideas come true according to your custom drawings or 3D CAD files.



Worm Drive Shaft

Worm drive shaft is often used in applications where two shafts are staggered, transmissions are relatively large, transmission power is not large or intermittent operation.
When it is required to transmit a large amount of power, in order to increase the transmission efficiency, Z1 = 2 to 4 is often adopted. In addition, the worm drive shaft has self-locking properties. it is commonly used in lifting machines such as hoists to provide safety protection.
It is also widely used in machine tools, automobiles, instruments, metallurgical machinery and other machines or equipment. The reason is that the use of axle movements can reduce the consumption of force and thus promote it.