Motor Shaft

Air conditioner Motor Shaft

In the shaft processing, air-conditioning motor shaft or HVAC and straight motor shaft is a common type of shafts. Our engineers take a simple description of the elongated shaft processing considerations with the air-conditioning motor shaft.such as:
1.Choose the right workpieces clamping methods
In general, During the shaft rough machining, for the cutting allowance is large, so the cutting force applied to the workpiece is also large. Therefore, in the workpiece clamping, the elastic top is adopting in the top end of the tailstock, then the workpiece can be freely elongated in the axial direction. In the case of high-speed and large-scale cutting, it is not applicable. Therefore, Karat should be used to avoid various problems.
2. choose a suitable Tool holder
Since the follower is an important component of the elongated shaft in the machining, it is necessary to use a suitable follower to counteract the effects of radial cutting forces during machining, and then reduce the cutting vibrations and workpiece deformation. However, it should be noted that the center of the tool holder should be consistent with the top center of the machine tool.
3.If necessary, the reverse feed can be used
In shaft machining, the turning of an elongated shaft is often a feed motion of a turning tool, and the workpiece tends to be elongated in the axial direction. However, if the karaoke tool is used and reverse feeding is performed, the problem of bending deformation of the elongated shaft can be avoided. Moreover, there are different requirements on turning tools for roughing and finishing. Therefore, different turning tools should be used.
Therefore, manufacturing the high-quality elongated shaft products is a challenge. The team must first have a wealth of processing experience and complete supporting equipment. WELLESHAFT has the ability to perform batch production processes in accordance with your project drawings.

Electric Motor Shaft

WELLESHAFT Specializing in the production of high-precision motor shafts, precision shafts, multiple diameters stepped shaft, heavy industrial motor shaft and electric motor shaft and mostly non-standard customization. Some guests may only have sample or product specifications, but do not know the product’s specific performance parameters, accuracy levels,etc.we also can provide the material, hardness, Strength, precision to surface roughness, surface treatment, service life, economy, energy saving and a series of product solutions services.according to the using environment and matching peripheral products.
The commonly raw materials are: 52100 (GCR15), 40CR, SUS420, SUS440, 20CRMNTI, 20CRMO, 20CRNIMO, 1045, 304, 316, 65MN, CR12.
And we have an ability to finish some surface treatments in-house, including black oxide, galvanized, chromium, nickel, phosphating, Dacromet, electrolytic polishing, passivation.

Industrial Motor Shaft

WELLESHAFT is the strongest supplier of shaft processing in China. The motor shaft is one of our specialty products for its wide range of applications and the complex and diverse product structure. Motor shaft machining, which is the processing of the motor shaft, then, in this process, what issues will be involved?

   1. In motor shaft machining, why is the surface finish of the motor shaft after machining is more higher, much better?

    It is possible to increase the surface hardness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance of the motor shaft, thereby obtaining a good machining effect. However, it should be noted that the surface finish is not as high as possible.


   2. Has the motor shaft been machined? So far, have there been some improvements?

   Motor shaft machining, in the processing form or method, can have a variety of options, such as the traditional processing methods, namely fine lathe, grinding machine processing and manual polishing. However, in order to save the process, shorten the processing time, and improve the machining effect, special surface processing equipment can be used to process the motor shaft, thereby achieving the above-mentioned purpose. So, on this issue, the answer is yes.


   3. What equipment will be used for motor shaft spline processing? In addition, does the concentricity of the motor shaft affect its machining?

  Motor shaft spline processing, which is within the scope of machining the motor shaft, is also what we need to understand. The equipment that will be used in the processing is mainly cold-rolling machines and spline rolling mills. In addition, there may be others.


   The concentricity of the motor shaft has a certain influence on the machining of the motor shaft, because if the concentricity is not good, then in the process of installation, shaft eccentricity will occur, and in turn, the Motor shaft machining accuracy.

SS Motor Shaft

As OEM shaft processing manufacturer,WELEESHAFT specialize in the producing fan and motor shaft as per the customer drawing and technical specifications. Such as Ceiling Fan Shafts, Exhaust Fan Shafts, Ventilation Fan Shaft, Wall Fan Shaft, All Shaft, Tower Cooler Fan Shaft, Cooler and Pedestal motor fan shafts And Light Duty Fan Shaft etc.
Our engineering teams consummed the features of these fan and motor shaft, like Anti corrosive, durable surface, precision size, high strength.

Throttle Shaft

Throttle shaft,Linear motor shaft are commonly used in the automobiles industry. we mainly describe the machining process according to three types of representative shaft.
     1. What are the main processing contents and steps of the drive shaft?
Analyze the part structure—determine the blank material—determine to use which surface processing method—determine the positioning reference—stage division—evaluate the heat treatment process—determine the processing size and cutting amount of semi-product—determine the process.
     2. What is the key machining process of an elongated shaft?
     In the shaft machining process, it should be noted that bending or deformation of the elongated shaft during processing should be avoided. Therefore, we can consider some measures that can be taken from the following six aspects: fixtures, auxiliary tools, tools, process methods, operating techniques, and cutting amounts.
     3. what is the specific machining process of gear shaft machining?
     For the gear shaft, the specific content of the shaft machining process is below:
Raw material blanking – roughing – conditioning – rough blank turning- keyway machining – hobbing – tooth surface medium frequency quenching or pinion high frequency quench – grinding gear – finished product inspection.