Mechanical Shaft

CNC Square Shafts

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The CNC Square Shaft is one type of mechanical shaft and has the small market of application for the benefits of structure characters.

Extension Shaft

As Extension shaft manufacturer and supplier, these types of Extension shafts are commonly used in the Motor Rotor applications and Transmission systems.
Considering face to reduce production cost and improve quality challenges each day, many customers utilizing the friction welding to together two pieces of components into one.
WELLESHAFT engineering teams have the ability to prepare your project drawings for medium to high volume(thousands to millions)quantities requirements.

Hollow shaft

Hollow shaft machining processes vary according to their function, structure shape, material and heat treatment, and size. The structure can be divided into two major categories: short hollow shafts and long hollow shafts. In the process of processing, their mounting methods and processing methods are very different. They are introduced separately. When the roughing car is round, it can take five simultaneous processing methods to increase productivity.
WELLESHAFT is specialized in manufacturing a widely range of linear hollow shaft, hollow internal spline shaft, hollow spline shaft, Dia.8mm-200mm hollow shaft, metric hollow shaft etc.and raw materials is stainless steel, alloy steel, and others.

Mechanical Shafts

After years of experience in manufacturing mechanical shaft, we have a basic understanding of the technical requirements, material usage and processing methods for mechanical shafts.
Technical requirements are mainly reflected in the dimensional accuracy, geometric accuracy, position accuracy and surface roughness:
The dimensional accuracy of Mechanical shaft mainly refers to the shaft diameter dimension accuracy and shaft length dimension accuracy. According to the requirements of use, the accuracy of the journal diameter dimension is usually IT6-IT9, and the precision journal diameter dimension can also reach IT5 level.
In addition to dimensional accuracy, there is generally a general requirement for the geometric accuracy (circularity, cylindricity) and mutual positional accuracy (concentricity) of the shaft. Normally, the accuracy of a shaft is 0.01-0.03 mm for the radial runout and 0.001-0.005 mm for the high-precision shaft.
The surface roughness requirements depend on the degree of precision and speed of the machine. usually, the surface roughness Ra of the supporting journal is 0.63-0.16 μm; the surface roughness Ra of the fitting journal is 2.5-0.63 μm;
The selection of mechanical shaft component materials is mainly based on the strength, stiffness, wear resistance and manufacturing processability of the shaft, and production cost reasonability.
including 35#, 45#, 50# of high-quality carbon steel, alloy steel, and ductile iron.
Such as Q235 and Q255 materials are mainly used for shafts that are subject to less load or less important.
40Cr alloy steel has good comprehensive mechanical properties after quenching and tempering and can be used in working fields with medium precision and high rotational speed.
Cr15, 65Mn alloy steel shaft can be used for high precision, poor working conditions, for its good wear resistance, fatigue strength properties After tempering and surface quenching.
20Cr, 20CrMnTi, 20Mn2B and other low-carbon steel or 38CrMoA1A carburized steel shaft after carburized, quenched or nitrided processing, are mainly used for components that work under high-speed and heavy-load conditions.
Ductile cast iron and high-strength cast iron are mainly used for shaft components with complex contours.
Mechanical shaft parts have been widely used in the manufacture of automotive, agricultural machinery, white goods, automation and transmission components in various fields.
Shaft parts are typical parts with a cylindrical surface. Commonly machining methods including CNC turning, grinding, and various finishing methods. From an economical point of view, turning machining is suitable for rough and semi-finishing of cylindrical surfaces. Grinding is suitable for the finishing of a variety of high-hardness and quenched shafts. Finishing is an ultra-precision machining method (such as rolling, polishing, grinding, etc.).

Pump Shaft

The compressor shaft,Air-conditioning compressor shaft and water pump shaft of the automobile are important components of the automotive air-conditioning refrigeration system.
According to good wear resistance, fatigue strength properties requirements during the assembly.we commonly choose the GCr15 or 65Mn alloy steel shaft that tempered and surface quenched.
And the main machining process is CNC turning and grinding for cylindrical surface semi-finishing and taper, Radius, Chamfer processing.