Gear Shaft

Extension Shaft

As OEM Extension shaft manufacturer and supplier, WELLESHAFT can produce medium to high volume quantities of extension shafts for the automotive, electrical, industrial, Automation industries in various of types.
These types of extension shaft often used in the drive systems, like automotive drive systems, electronic motor drive system, speciality applications.The extension shaft dimensions including 4/6/8/12/16/20/25 inch.

Gear Shaft

As OEM Gear Shaft supplier and Exporter, WELLESHAFT specialised in manufacturing Gear shaft, spur gear shaft, steering gear shaft, Micro-Gear shaft and a wide range of high precision gear shaft in various dimension.

With our engineering teams and fabrication workshop, we can produce various of gear profiles, straight bevel gears, zerol bevel gears and spiral gears.


Hob Shaft

As OEM Hob Shaft manufacturer and supplier, WELLESHAFT specialised in manufacturing Hob shaft, precision hob shaft and a wide range of high precision hob shaft in various dimensions.

Our goal is to ensure that the Hob SHAFT not only is beneficial to our clients quality wise but also in terms of the product cost as well.

Hollow Drive Shaft

As OEM HOLLOW SHAFT manufacturer and supplier, WELLESHAFT specialized in manufacturing a wide range of hollow shaft products in a variety of dimensions.

The hollow shaft is having a through hole which is concentric with the external diameter of the shaft.

The advantage of Hollow Driveshaft is below:

1.Less weight than the solid shaft.

2.Lower moment of inertia than the solid shaft.

3.Possibly stronger than the solid shaft due to tubular construction.


1.If we reduce the wall thickness, then there are chances of wrinkling or buckling of the shaft wall. So we have to be careful about these things

2.Machining will take time.


Input Shaft

Main Drive Shaft, Input steering shaft and Output steering shaft commonly used in the Power transmission applications, such as Automotive and Heavy machinery, industrial market.

Spindle(Main shaft) refers to the shaft that receives power from the engine or motor and passes it to other components.

Input shaft refers to the force of the engine is transmitted to the input shaft of the gearbox, and then transmitted to the output shaft of the gearbox through each gear of the gearbox, and then transmitted to the wheel.

The output shaft is the output power shaft.
Like a motor is to convert electrical power or hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to mechanical power, the output shaft is the transmission torque.

intermediate shaft

WELLESHAFT specialized in manufacturing a wide range of intermediate shaft and hollow intermediate shaft.It commonly used in between the main motor and the reducer, or between the main motor and the gear housing, or between the main motor and the universal joint shaft.

The intermediate shaft is a part of a long shaft and is easily deformed in the heat treatment process. It is necessary to measure the size of the finished product after heat treatment. The product that fails to pass the inspection needs to be corrected. The correction method and requirements of the intermediate shaft are: The three-point measurement of the sample, if the coaxial deviation of three points exceeds 0.5 mm, it must be corrected. The corrective process is to artificially press down the part so that the deviation is reduced until met the technical requirements.

Motor Rotor Shaft

As OEM Motor Rotor Shaft manufacturer, WELLESHAFT can produce motor rotor shaft and rotor gear shaft with our fully equipped engineering teams and workshop.Most of the Motor rotor shaft is made of alloy material and include 45 steel.

The rotor shaft and the proper have enough mechanical strength, can withstand the torque from the prime mover and the huge electromagnetic torque of sudden short circuit at the generator outlet, and have good magnetic performance forgings, which is the bearing body of the main magnetic pole of the generator.

Precison Gear Shaft

As the Precision gear shaft manufacturer and supplier,we get much more experience on how to produce these parts in minimum manufacturing costs.
The main machining of the gear shaft part is the hole and the outer circle surface.The outer circle surface used to be machined by turned or ground process according to the accuracy requirement.But the hole processing method is more complex. It is considering the structural characteristics of the part, the aperture size, the length-to-diameter ratio, the surface precision and the roughness requirements, production batches.