Needle valve

We offer a comprehensive range of Pin valve,Bleed valve, Needle valve, HVAC valve and Micro pressure valve components in varied sizes, dimensions, pressure ratings and other technical specifications. We also customize Needle valve as per the sizes and materials of our clients, to maintain accurate monitoring of fluid flow. Engineered with utmost precision, these valves have close tolerances, highly accurate dimensions, and superior finishes.
Needle valve is a type of throttle valve with high adjustment accuracy. The valve is needle-shaped and moves in the direction of the flow of water, changing the flow-breaking area to cut off or regulate the flow of the valve. The needle valve is a trim valve whose valve plug is needle-shaped and is mainly used to regulate air flow. The trim valve requires that the opening of the valve is gradually increased and that the maximum can be finely adjusted continuously from closing to opening. Needle valve plugs are generally made of quenched steel long needles. The valve seats are made of soft materials such as tin and copper. The seal between the valve needle and the valve seat is achieved by the close cooperation of the cone surface. The taper of the valve needle has two types of taper: 1:50 and 60 tapers and the surface of the taper must be finely ground. The sealing of the valve stem and valve seat is achieved by bellows.

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