Hose Quick Connector

WELLESHAFT’s quick connect components,like Hose quick connect, Miniature quick connects, Female and male connect are renowned worldwide for their high quality, high stability, and long life. Its quick connect components have a variety of materials: Brass, Aluminum, Steel, Stainless steel, and more. WELLESHAFT provides professional, innovative solutions for the quick connection of pneumatic controls, water, hydraulic oil, gas, and other fluids.
Many car manufacturers and suppliers at home and abroad use our products in body manufacturing, transportation lines, production lines and test systems. For example, an engine mounted on a pallet is automatically docked to a test station for hot and cold testing. Our automated docking system provides fuel, oil, coolant, power and signals to the engine. Pneumatic quick couplings for compressed air and hand tools provide safety and efficiency for users and cost savings. We have also developed special connection systems for special industries (eg paint lines) to ensure that no pollution can affect the paint concentration and production.

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