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Precision Shaft Machining Process


We still learning the advanced technology and production management experience from Domestic and abroad, introducing the advanced production and testing equipment from Germany and Japan . also have several shaft production lines made of advanced CNC sets of equipment.
Our products cover dozens of shaft products, such as micro-motor shaft, vacuum cleaner motor shaft, automobile motor shaft, electric tool shaft, water pump shaft, small home appliance shaft, VCD / DVD optical drive shaft and PCB steel handle.
Our products are exported to North America, South America, Southeast Asia market, and with Taiwan LETON, FOXCONN, and other well-known multinational companies have a good business dealings.

Precision Extrusion Process

spline shaft, universal joint shaft, precision shaft machining


Our company has "Precision extrusion" core technology, mainly used for forming the Cups, hollow parts, rectangular splines, involute splines, asymmetric shaft and disk, gears and other parts. The technology has been widely used in the car hydraulic steering and electric steering, brake systems, automotive gear boxes and other products .
Put the material (ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals) into the mold cavity at normal temperature under a certain pressure, the material into the desired shape, size, precision parts. "Precision extrusion" can replace machining to produce machining can not be completed products.
The mechanical properties and material utilization of Precision extrusion processing is higher than the machining processing about 30%.Also,size dispersion, roughness, processing efficiency increased exponentially.

Forging Process


We introduce advanced MMK2-630 warm forging press line made by SCHULER,equiped with automatic feeding system, inductive heating system, temperature-rating and selecting system, 4 locations NC-Transfer, mould lubricating and cooling system and etc., with the production times as 30 pieces per minute.and the product accuracy can reach to the cold forging processing,which is a reliable guarantee for batch production of precise forging parts.
At the same time, our company has Dozens of advanced forging equipment such as 1600T electric screw multi-position press, friction press, forging hydraulic press and flat forging hydraulic press, etc.can produce 0.5 - 30 kg / piece of various high-quality forgings.

Heat Treatment Process


We have rich experiences in the field of quenching (vacuum quenching, multi-purpose furnace protection quenching), quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, high frequency quenching (high frequency quenching), gas nitriding, ion nitriding, carbonitriding, vacuum annealing.
The main equipment covers controllable atmosphere box type multi-purpose furnace, push-plate type continuous carburizing production line, high-frequency and medium frequency heating quenching equipment, mesh belt furnace, pit nitriding furnace, vacuum furnace. and built Metallographic Laboratory, Materials Spectroscopy Room, mechanical properties laboratory, to ensure product quality and reliability.

CNC Machining Process


The company has more than 200 sets of equipment used in manufacturing Gear shaft,Spline shaft,Support Rod, Precision Nozzle and Valves. The diameter range from 3mm to 52mm, a single part of Diameter processing up to 600 mm. The materials covers copper, aluminum, stainless steel, ductile iron and others.
Including:65 sets of Instrument lathe,
Nearly 80 sets of Japan's LONGZE and other CNC lathes,
6 sets of BROTHER four-axis / three-axis and other CNC Machining center,
30 sets of high-precision spline milling machine, spline CNC machine tools, CNC gear hobbing machine slotting machines and others,
10 sets of high-precision grinding machines, surface grinder, Centerless grinder,Internal and External CNC grinder and EDM.
And a fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning line.

Quality Insurance


The company attaches great importance to the construction of quality system, has passed ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001, ISO / TS16949: 2009 quality system, the product meets the ROHS directive.
The company has advanced testing equipment and means of detection: gear detector, three coordinates, electron microhardness tester, electron microscope metallographic analyzer.
Always adhere to the "continuous innovation, people-oriented" development strategy; adhere to the "supreme quality, to the letter for a living, pioneering and innovative" business philosophy, and constantly provide our clients with quality products and services, is committed to become a world-class precision shaft supply Business