Welleshaft Mission Statement

Most of our customers are one of the industry leaders in various fields, and their performance in product procurement, global procurement and manufacturing services, customer care, after-sales and logistics has certain requirements for suppliers.

After decades of accumulation, our customers have penetrated into various fields such as Vehicle Steering Systems, HVAC Systems, Seat Systems, Door Hinge Systems, Railway Interior Systems, Agricultural Harvest Machinery, Motors and Reducers, Optical Equipment, Mechanical Transmission, Construction engineering, Food Machinery, Logistics and Transportation Tools. Since 2020, our Shaft and Gear components have been applied in new energy, solar photovoltaic and Artificial intelligence fields.

With the development of our business, we have won the trust and recognition of numerous customers in the fields of Shafts, Gears, Flanges, Fasteners, Seals, Gaskets and High precision 5-axis Machining products. Therefore, we have the opportunity to provide more competitive services to our Long-term strategic cooperation customers. We have also established stable supplier channels for Investment casting, Light metal low-pressure/high-pressure Die Casting, Plastic Injection molding, Rubber Vulcanization Molding, Metal Injection Molding (MIM/PM) processes.

Currently, We are preparing to build a warehouse management system to provide more high value-added services to our strategic partners.

Therefore, our mission has become increasingly clear.

… By embedding our professional knowledge into the products and services we sell, we can solve customer problems

With Outstanding technical capabilities, Localized high-quality supply chain resources, Strong professional ethics, and a culture of encouraging teamwork, continuous improvement, and elimination of waste, our mission is to become an industry leader in automotive component and system design and manufacturing for global original equipment manufacturers.

Opportunities brought by Covid-19?

I thought that the epidemic would end in 2020, but surprised that it may continue , and there will be no signs of improvement in 2021. This has pressed the long-term pause button for the development of the global manufacturing industry;

Even more frightening is that the epidemic has not spared the world-renowned OEM regions such as India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, etc., which undoubtedly has worsened the manufacturing industry;

After the 2021 Chinese New Year, my team and I had to re-think the layout of the market, the face of the epidemic raging, raw material costs continue to rise, increasing labor costs, freight costs have gone up, there have been the target of criticism within the team, whether we need to transfer market To the country?

I did not make an immediate decision, choosing instead to listen to ideas from customers, who come from Norway, Britain, Thailand, the United States, Germany, Canada, is the industry leader in stealth, markets throughout the world. I believe their views are more persuasive and referential.

Finally, I made the final decision. Based on the effective control of the Chinese government, the spread of the epidemic within the country has been effectively controlled, coupled with the advantages of a complete industrial manufacturing industry chain layout. I choose to go deep into the global market, continue to strengthen our core product competitiveness, meet customer demand for all kinds of turned parts,machining parts, all kinds of precision motor shaft parts, and provide customers with products that are absolutely assured.

It is required that we will send the product bubble drawing, full-size measuring report and material report to the customer for confirmation before delivery. After getting the confirmation, we will directly send the goods to the end user according to the customer’s request, so that the customer can be absolutely assured, help the customer reduce the transportation cost, and increase their trust in the customer’s mind.

During this period, I received new requests from customers. Does Welle Metal Products Company have the ability to develop other processing products? Such as Micro laser cutting,Stamping,Investment casting,Aluminum die casting,Metal injection molding,Plastic injection molding,Heat treatment or finish processing.

I accepted the new request from customers with confidence because it is not convenient for them to conduct on-site inspections to develop new suppliers for some projects. Cumbersome new supplier audit verification work has made procurement crazy, epidemic for them is definitely a stumbling block.

Because I have experienced and quality team of engineers supporting factories in precision casting, aluminum die-casting, plastic injection processing, metal injection molding and powder metallurgy, mechanical assembly, electrical assembly industry. Therefore, we will try our best to help customers solve the last problem according to the needs of the project, and truly provide one-stop services.

At the beginning, customers were still very worried about the processing capabilities of the factory. Based on our team’s continuous participation in IATF16949 audits in the past 6 years, we compiled internal supplier audits and process control regulations. Ensure that each of our cooperative factories have ISO9001 or IATF 16949 qualifications, and have matching dimensions and performance testing equipment to ensure that the products are 100% controlled and inspected before packing. At the same time, we will do the secondary sampling to ensure effective control of the full-size products, and timely feedback to the customer.

Finally, I have to declare that my choice is correct. Only by mastering my core advantages, improving the service capabilities of products, and solving the urgent needs of customers as much as possible, will we win the trust of more customers and more Opportunities for cooperation. Like our customers say: “of course, this is a partnership rocky and we want to grow our business with you.you have been great to work with and willing to fix any issues we have”

Under the Covid-9 affects, How to make our products more popular?

Serve to Overseas market customer is our initial market position,Based on our technological and service advantage in the processing of precision turning, investment casting, High pressure die castings,Metal sintering(PM) and Metal injection molding(MIM).we specialized in providing the complex,Non-ferrous metals,ferrous metals materials components,to automotive, agricultural machinery, medical, door and window construction hardware, and military industries.

Since Sept.2020, our company has successively received project development invitations from 3 new customer, they are from Italy, Germany and Canada. Including a project that we have finished initial samples in 10 days,which is expected to achieve a batch before the end of December.2020, annual demand of 1 million. But in order to meet the customer’s quality technology and cost reduction plan requirement, we take7 times telephone conferences communication and e-mail communication countless times in one week.

Precision Machining as one of our company’s most important Business, aimed to find the most competitive processing solutions and cost reduction solutions for customers, we have to visit not less than 20 peer companies to make technical processing communication per year. In addition, we really enjoy the process of continuous communication with customers and solving problems.

Looking forward to your inquiry, if you have any projects for precision machining or other complex parts, please send an email to Rocky@welleshaft.com, thank you.


Manufacturing process| Competitive Edge-Precision Shaft

With the world-renowned enterprises from different industries all over the world settled in China, and as one of the largest countries of manufacturing and exporting OEM shaft components in worldwide.
Since 2001, our team has been engaged in developing the market for OEM shaft parts and components. The products mainly include precision micro-shaft, motor shaft, gear shaft, spline shaft, screw Shaft, hollow shaft, Drive shaft,transmission shaft and so on.
At present, Products mainly are used in Automotive, Home appliances, Office automation, Mechanical instrumentation, Agricultural machinery, mining engineering machinery, textile machinery, Motor and other precision industries. The total production of shaft is more than 50 million pcs each year. Our products mostly are directly or indirectly exported to the Americas, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries, and become well-known international companies,long-term partners.
Company Advantage
1. We will work hard to realize the synchronization with the purchaser’s quality control implementation standards, from the inspection methods, inspection process and inspection standards;

2 We will visit factory and check the sample irregular, and timely feedback to you the existing problems;

3. As products quality continues to upgrading and requirements of cost-intensive continue to grow, we will work with you to achieve by optimize the processing technology, reduce loss, increase productivity.

4. Our Factory will be based in China for the global layout, so that your procurement more efficient and convenient.

Manufacturing process of Hydraulic Valve

In 2005, we have started to research and developing the precision nozzle/valve parts. we focus on the production of precision valves of copper, aluminum and stainless steel materials.
Based on Quality assurance and market demand-oriented, we will provide the quality services to you. it includes Cost control, New product development, Quality control, Delivery capacity, Communication, and cooperation.

Here, We will bring the different customized services to you by making your purchasing work more efficient.

Asia Manufacturer and supplier of Piston Rod in China

In August 2011, we produced the first batch of chrome-plated piston rods. and then we began to develop the products of chrome-plated piston rod, chrome plated hollow rod, Quenched and tempered rod, high-frequency quenching rod, spring piston rod and light tube. Most of our materials are 45 # steel, 42CrMo, 40Cr, 20MnV6 and stainless steel and so on.